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Projects with children and young people

Teaching ceramics in schools

Adrian Holt is a qualified teacher with over 20 years of experience.  He has worked in many different schools and community settings teaching a wide range of people from nursery aged children through to adults. 



“As an experienced teacher and practising ceramics artist, I have skills in working with clay I have the communicational and organisational skills to deliver creative and practical projects and training to suit a variety of needs.”

teaching scuplting from clay in schools

Teaching ceramics in schoold

Schools and Clubs:  I have been running ceramics projects in schools for over ten years.  Staff often tell me how much they felt their pupils’ learning was enhanced by an artistic input and how much their children enjoyed the experience.  I have been involved in residencies and delivered after-school and holiday clubs.  

childrens tuition in schools

Nurseries:  The youngest children derive such enjoyment handling clay.  Their work is often experimental, free from the constraints older people may have, and often leads to amazing results. 


Ceramics Classes:  I provide workshops, courses and private tuition for adults.  This can be an introduction to basic hand-building skills through to more advanced techniques.  The emphasis is on enjoyment and exploring creative ideas.  I also provide training for adults to learn how to teach these skills to others.


Community Settings:  I can teach a wide range of people in a variety of settings.  This can be for many reasons such as improving self-esteem and confidence in individuals, developing group work and relationships, linking ceramics to community projects such as social cohesion and enhancing the local environment.